You’re More Than OK, You’re Magnificent

Being sensitive does not mean weakness. It can mean a sensitivity of caring for others. It creates compassion for what they are going through; a concern for their happiness. 

It can mean sensitivity to the air, the atmosphere, to the light indoors and out, and to color and the design you see right in front of your face.

If you are analytical, it means to stop the inner dialog of judgement, categorization and classification. We do not need to measure up. If there is a need to explain your thoughts and feelings to others, a simple explanation will be fine. One or two words or phrases. Since it is nearly impossible for them to fully understand, we may as well give up on being understood to that degree and enjoy that freedom.

True Freedom is many things

It comes to you through an inner dialog which works as a shield between what you are seeing and hearing in the outer world and what it means to you in your inner world.

It means not needing to feel guilty when people are blaming you. Because they are not recognizing and owning their own feelings, they push the responsibility for their feeling onto you in the form of blame. Reaching out to loved ones, they choose you because you are part of their circle, their circle of love. Keep that in mind.

Freedom means not being sure you fit into what society says you should be . . . be doing.

It means finding a path, not necessarily of least resistance, not laid out by anyone else.

It means being alert and aware of messages coming to you to move in a certain direction.

It means not being invested in where that direction is leading, because it may not follow a logical path.

It means remembering the child-like wonder you had as a child, before you were pushed into conformity. The feeling that flushes your face, creates excitement, and prompts you to straighten your spine and take a big deep breath. It’s you cruising on a Sunday afternoon. 

We can talk about this. At you can schedule a Discovery Call, 20 minutes free of charge.

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Your Brain

Do you know what is pictured here? It is the key to your life, health and happiness and prosperity.

These are synapsis’ in you brain. What could you do without a healthy set of synapsis connections?

Nothing. You can not move your body, you could not digest your food properly to provide nutrition. You could not think clearly; calculate, compare, or articulate a point you want to make.

We are told that our brain diminishes with time. “Oh, you’re just getting old.” It doesn’t have to be that way. We are given the body we have for a specific purpose that is our own personal legend to leave after we are done with our body.

You are meant to have full use of your body and reach a natural death free from disease, occupational hazards, accidents and consequences that do you harm.

How do you know what will do you harm? By your stress level. By not giving your body daily strenuous exercise, plenty of water, the right nutrition, a positive attitude, fresh air and moments to be “still.”

You need all these things everyday.

My work is that of a research librarian who supplies a source (link) to the information you need next. Information, steps and tools to grow in stature. Ways to feel larger, to stand taller and make a larger impact. I have plenty of source material along with several teams of people who are doing on-going research about living a full life.

This is not ego-driven, pump up cheerleader motivation. It is what you need to go from where you are right now to where you, to-date, have not even imagined you could go. Everything is available to you. I can prove to you the ease at which you can ask and receive your heart’s desire.

See what is available at

There are plenty of links on my website pertaining to your physical brain health, supplements, nutrition, and many more forms of self-care.

Take the first baby step by accessing our email series, Being Moments. Simply ask for the series through

Being Moments are a marvelous way to stop the merry-go-round if even for a moment.

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Under A Veil

We were born for greatness. Every young child knows this. It is why children are so curious.

To keep the veil of negativity off your children allows them their innocence and wonder. It is more than just sugar and spice. It keeps the covers off their automatic responses to life to remain positive.

Offer encouragement, draw from your Higher Self in tense situations to resist the tendency of veiling them, no matter their age. We have had enough layd on us. Veils are thin, but quantities of them tend to obscure the light.

We were made wrong when we needed encouragement. These wrongs are veiled impressions in your subconscious mind. In our book, Tapping Into The Power of Your Intuition, we devote an entire chapter to Regret. By unveiling regret you reveal your intuition within yourself.

Making peace with your subconscious mind allows a pairing of your conscious and subconscious minds. This relationship with your subconscious allows you to enjoy the wonder of dreaming and the joy of accomplishing your dream. You and your subconscious mind together will feel this joy.

We suggest you make friends and maybe even affectionate friends (lovers) with your subconscious to supercharge your ability to achieve goals you thought were buried under many veils. We remind you of your superpowers.

The first six chapters:

  1. What it Means to be Authentic
  2. Managing a World That Says No
  3. Dealing with Society
  4. Living In The Natural World
  5. What Intuition Does For Us
  6. Eliminating Regret
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The Netflix Show – Manifest

I believe what happened to the people on Flight 828 on the new Netflix show, Manifest is that their consciousness was raised and that’s why they’re getting information through their minds with expanded awareness. The passengers on Flight 828 experienced in-flight turbulence, extending their facemasks and taking the aircraft into a nosedive. A short time later the aircraft ended up righting itself. When they arrived at home, their destination, time had moved forward by five-and-a-half years.

The dilemma is that they are still not consciously aware of the raising up of their consciousness. It’s like an automatic software upgrade throwing you off-balance until we learn to live with those greater abilities on your devices.

Pasha’s Salon ( helps with your consciousness auto upgrade through 1:1 coaching.

Tapping Into The Power of Your Intuition was written to explain why we need this upgrade. Mostly because the development of our Intuition has purposely been kept from our training and education and not trusted by our present day societies. It has happened over several centuries. Our historical Industrialized Societies slowly weakened our intuition. Then, the Information Age rerouted us to trust other’s information more than our own information.

Intuition is so important to our future and our planet’s future, I joined Krishna Mohan of Genius Visionary, Inc. to write: Tapping Into The Power of Your Intuition, Guidance to Reach Beyond Limits for Exceptional Results. The never again deep discount launch day is this New Year’s Day. Just a short time from now. To be notified with a link to Amazon, register at

I am developing programs to raise people’s consciousness to get the same results that you see illustrated on the Netflix show, Manifest. Information about the safety of your loved ones. Information that rings true no matter the doubtful heads around you. Information exclusively from your own body, your own mind and nowhere else.

You can find me at

Scroll down to find my schedule.


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Expanded Knowledge

Lately I have been asked for a short bio for the back cover of our book, Tapping Into The Power of Your Intuition, Reaching Beyond Limits for Exceptional Results.

If you wish to stop, truly had quite enough of being led by your emotions like a puppy on a leash, wasting time while your image in the mirror grows older; living to please others . . . thinking you are being kind but it really bothers you, and searching for your true self to the point that you don’t want to hear about that anymore.

While writing this short bio of what I do for people . . . not an easy task . . . here goes.

I first help people with their brain health in four areas of their life to use more of their mind to expand into using their Intuition daily. Intuition is ALWAYS RIGHT. Everyone has Intuition – it’s a matter of trusting it and using it. Using Intuition daily is amazingly attractive.

How do I do that?

Social – Biological – Psychological – Spiritual (Are the four areas of life.)

With targeted diet changes, affirmations, and specific social interactions forming new habits your brain reprograms to stop grasping, acquire an unwavering calm. An inner core of calm is your personal home. Intuition can then be accessed.

From there the sky has no limits.

The one day deep discount book launch is November 10th, very soon. Email me for direct links:


Intuition For The Masses on FaceBook

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Knowing the Unknown

We have a 6th sense when we need it. Sometimes we feel a sense of desperation over the near future. What if THIS happens, what if it goes the opposite way? We feel lost, a twinge of hopelessness, of helplessness.

Here it comes, that white knight to the rescue. Instead of out there galloping on a white horse, hair blowing in the wind, coming to save the day and make everything all right again. Instead, there is the capacity of your brain to save the day.

Our brains have the capacity to give us a sign, a visual image or an otherwise strong feeling about the near (or far) future. That’s one of Intuition’s characteristics. Intuition cannot tell time, designate places, or determine quality. It will just give you an image of the future that definitely will happen. This absolute certain determination is what gives us the confidence we all need and crave.

Confidence is sexy. It opens doors,. It gets people interested and keeps them listening to you.

Also intuitive confidence will relax your shoulders, correct your posture, get you to move and communicate with power and grace. Together power and grace are invincible.

Often daily use of one’s own intuition will lower blood pressure, slow your heartbeat and get you more conscious of your own breathing.

Find the right information about Intuition. Using our intuition correctly is easier than you think.

But we have 1000 ways to misunderstand it. All of our fears and phobias come up to meet it because it is the strongest and most profound, personally true information you will ever know.

We have a FaceBook Group that discusses the higher potential of our human brains: Pasha’s Salon.

We have a second FaceBook Group that future casts a world where the majority of us each day use our own intuition.

When we go for something we truly want, we get it.

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Wanna Hide?

I’m so sorry. What else can I say?  I can say how I feel. Lament the people whom we lost. I suggest, we must process these losses. Admit it is with great sadness/shock/tears to learn about innocent children victimized by violence. 

Let’s admit it effects us deeply; despite our inability to fix it so it never happens again. How do we keep the resolve? How can we help? What can we do to end the violence? 

  1. Acknowledge that we are very sensitive humans. We can take just so much violence before it starts to really hurt the majority of us.
  2. Speak about what needs to be done to remedy this. To send love in response to hate. To take the higher ground.
  3. Get satisfied by contacting those who are working to reform the system. Every part of a system feeding us images, sounds and emotional messages that shock our senses as entertainment. Propagating sickness for its shock value and leaving sick people without help. 

Our sensitivity is what will heal this for good. It determines or behavior going forward working with the universal law of cause and effect. We have the power to influence. We have the sensitivity to know someone is hateful or mentally ill. 

Suit yourself by lamenting these senseless losses with your friends and family. They may also be hurting and just not speaking up. Process these atrocities for what they are,  as part of the society we either tolerate or change. All the more reason to take the higher road.

Let me give you a conversation-starter to help view this from a wider perspective; reference my chart: Grow To Be Abundant and Prosperous, Eight Levels of Awareness and Peace.

These are levels of character for the sake of growth, all we do is grow, best case scenario. Simply email me: You have the power to unsubscribe anytime you wish. Please let me know you’ve requested this chart from my blog.

We need to better understand what’s happening here. Don’t be hard. Acknowledge your sensitivity to this world. It is what will heal us. 

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What – How – Why

Secretly, I have been making decision with the use of my intuition and information both, since childhood. For this reason it is hard for me to put it into words. Like trying to describe sunshine.

I thought perhaps I was psychic. But since I ask for real information, for the truest information to come to me for decision making, I felt psychic development was not the way for me to go. So I just kept moving along, day-to-day making decisions with the information I could find and my inner feeling about it.

The creepy thing about it was that, my inner feeling about it, would sometimes come with a picture flash in my head. Not always, just some of the time. That picture ended up matching something in the future. I saw it ahead of it actually happening.

Since writing a book about Intuition, due to have its book launch June 2022, I have read, all I can get get my hands on about intuition, wanting to know how other people are attempting to describe it in words. Validation feels good.

The Intuitive Way by Penney Peirce, “At its very best the intuitive process brings clarity and accuracy to ordinary awareness and transports you into an experience of awe about your own divine nature.”

Intuition is a gift, like eyesight. Not something we play with by asking to predict the future, as we do when we speak to a psychic.

Penney Peirce, “Sometimes psychics are accurate, but their orientation is usually toward WHAT, not how and why; toward form not process.”

Without How or Why we miss so much. We miss why our people, especially why our children are acting the way they do. Without the “how” each one of us would be on our own, without information on how anything has already been done.

Peirce, “With intuition, trust increases, both in yourself and others. You can see the reasons for why things happen. You experience less anxiety-producing hopelessness and hopefulness about the past and the future and a more accurate awareness of your surroundings.”

We have intuition. It is our sense of knowing.

I will continue to encourage you to relax into this “knowing,” for yourself and for the end of suffering.

Penney Peirce has a great disclaimer, “This does not mean you should float through life, living for the moment and giving up on goals. Not balancing a checkbook or saving money. We are here to participate fully and take care of details. This is a world of action and accomplishment; doing and having, as well as being, are a natural part of the creative process.”

Power of the mind as powerful intelligence with an open box in the shape of a human head illuminated with a glowing beaming light bursting with sparkles as a symbol of human creativity and potential.

Get from Amazon: The Intuitive Way, The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness by Penney Peirce. The New Expanded Edition, Simon and Schuster, New York. 2009.

#intuition, #creativity, #pashacoach, #gutfeeling, #selfcare, #selfimage

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Terrible Devastation of Ecosystems

The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia has had its waters warm from Global Warming. The result is the bottom of the food chain died off. At the top of the food chain are very large sharks. We remember this reef as extremely colorful with abundant life. It is now bleached white, no life.

We can save it if we act fast, now! Watch the Netflix Series, “Our Planet,” sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation; one of my charities. God bless them.

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A World-Renowned Spiritual Leader Passes On

Thich Nhat Hanh, believed spiritual practices culminate into social practice. He became a Zen Buddhist monk at age sixteen. During the Vietnam War, his work for peace and reconciliation moved Dr. Martin Luther King to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1967.

Nhat Hanh brought Zen Buddhism to the West calmly speaking of peace within expressed in its most expansive way, asking people to apply it to their immediate daily life. He asked for a new word to be added to the dictionary. “Inner Being,” meaning a sense of self that expands to include everything living.

He said, “If you don’t practice sitting like a mountain, breathing like a flower, you can’t change a situation.

I read his book, You Are Here, Discovering The Magic of the Present Moment, when I was 22. It helped to create Pasha’s Salons to be a place for finding this peace within and then small, local groups to exercise that peace out into our communities.

You see, Hanh was near death often during the Vietnam War. Once his thatched roof temple was set on fire while he was sleeping in the corner on the floor. Another time a hand grenade was thrown into his sleeping area just to bounce off a curtain and explode in the next room killing five people.

“Peace is the root of your mindfulness practice. Each of us in our present day environment can smile and comfort those around us who are suffering.”

Seems unreal to have such inner peace that you understand violence without retaliation. However, multitudes of people have made this change.

This is my favorite quote:

“It is a miracle to be walking on earth, peace is every step. It turns into the endless path to Joy.

Thich Nhat Hanh was born in 1926, died January 22, 2022 at age 95.

Need help: visit


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Distractions to Soul-centered, Heart-based Love

Distractions pull us away from our desired focus. We are on our way to a new era, an age of intuition. From my research, intuition is accessed when we are in-line with our authentic self. Meaning your soul stays with you in your body. Take some time to calm yourself to the extent that you feel your soul in your body. Hippies called it being centered.

Congrats. Since you are still with me I want to hint at what might be throwing you off center, only you can sense this for certain. Loud and aggressive people or advertisements, sympathy-sucking friends or relatives, unaddressed fatigue, dehydration, hunger; thinking inside the box (sticking with conventional thinking), a negative mindset over a curious mindset.

STOP. You have the right to stop anything that pulls on your centeredness and leaves you weaker. No need to say a word. Well, maybe a polite, “Excuse me,” then take two or more steps back, turn and calmly walk away. This is not selfish, it is self-preservation.

If you still feel it, use your imagination to conjure up an oversized pair of scissors, or a hatchet or simply untie the satin ribbon from that thing/person to you. Then, delight in this moment with your soul in your body. It is beyond fortifying, it is exalting.

Now, the focus of my blog post. Love is all inclusive, no qualifications. Females are biologically predisposed to bear children. Breasts are made to feed babies. Included with this is her ability to know the invisible world of love. Effeminate males also sense this atmosphere of love. Like everything, it’s a matter of degree, a percentage at any point in time, any moment. She can show her man the moon and the stars. This is a higher priority to anything else labeled as a success, monetary, ego-driven ladder climbing status, a main focus on herself without her soul.

Men do not know love as women know it. Again, there are many degrees, levels of awareness.

As women, we need to show them love. While we are pointing out the harmony of the universe to our partner, we are in that space with him. Boy, does that feel good.

BTW: Men have many highly valuable purposes. With his soul in his body, he could ask himself what is there to do or say in this moment, then the next moment . . . and act on the message, measure the response.

Your soul is always with you. Calm yourself and invite it home, inside your body.


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