Your Brain

Do you know what is pictured here? It is the key to your life, health and happiness and prosperity.

These are synapsis’ in you brain. What could you do without a healthy set of synapsis connections?

Nothing. You can not move your body, you could not digest your food properly to provide nutrition. You could not think clearly; calculate, compare, or articulate a point you want to make.

We are told that our brain diminishes with time. “Oh, you’re just getting old.” It doesn’t have to be that way. We are given the body we have for a specific purpose that is our own personal legend to leave after we are done with our body.

You are meant to have full use of your body and reach a natural death free from disease, occupational hazards, accidents and consequences that do you harm.

How do you know what will do you harm? By your stress level. By not giving your body daily strenuous exercise, plenty of water, the right nutrition, a positive attitude, fresh air and moments to be “still.”

You need all these things everyday.

My work is that of a research librarian who supplies a source (link) to the information you need next. Information, steps and tools to grow in stature. Ways to feel larger, to stand taller and make a larger impact. I have plenty of source material along with several teams of people who are doing on-going research about living a full life.

This is not ego-driven, pump up cheerleader motivation. It is what you need to go from where you are right now to where you, to-date, have not even imagined you could go. Everything is available to you. I can prove to you the ease at which you can ask and receive your heart’s desire.

See what is available at

There are plenty of links on my website pertaining to your physical brain health, supplements, nutrition, and many more forms of self-care.

Take the first baby step by accessing our email series, Being Moments. Simply ask for the series through

Being Moments are a marvelous way to stop the merry-go-round if even for a moment.

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Slowly and Deliberately

Are you fast and furiously rushing about your extra holiday routine? Holiday shopping can be fun when you take the time to slowly and deliberately acknowledge what you are doing and why?

What we do . . . has significance. You give it that significance.

Here is an exercise in realizing your own limits. For the better part of a day, watch how you are using your hands. Everything from noticing them hanging in a relaxed state from the end of your arm down by your side, to working that screw driver without an electrical power tool to aid you. Notice the amount of stress various tasks impose on your fingers, knuckles, joints and wrists. Try not to use your fingernails as a tool for prying things open.

This chart illustrates the significance of your hands. BTW: You can gently massage your hands nearly anywhere, anytime. Gently!

The Holidays tend to prompt us to clean-up and fix-up our homes even when it is just for us alone. It is the end of another very significant year. You know I advocate for being real gentle with yourself. You have one body and one brain for your lifetime. If you give your body the respect it deserves, as a vessel, an amazing body given to you to care for and aid in your development, then . . . you’re good.

Power of the mind as powerful intelligence with an open box in the shape of a human head illuminated with a glowing beaming light bursting with sparkles as a symbol of human creativity and potential.

Your Mama would like it. Even if she is no longer with us, in your mind, in your memories of her, let her know you are slowing down and deliberately loving this time of year.

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Dreams Turn Into Reality

I have lived for 6 decades. In that time I have had day dreams or visions of situations in life that were very different from present day reality.  I dismissed these day dreams as part of my overly creative and active imagination. The rub:  these day dream scenarios are systematically becoming true reality. I am being blown-away about this. Let me give you two potent examples.

I imagined Buffalo roaming free as they did before America was discovered. When the indigenous people where in balance with Mother Earth. In 1970, this was an illustion.

Today I read in my magazine, the National Wildlife Federation, that “in late 2020, ownership and management of the National Bison Range, in Montana, finally passed from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services (FWS) to the land’s original caretakers.”

“For tribal members the snow feels a bit warmer, and the hills, covered by clusters of evergreens, seem more poetic . . . it has been a long journey, but the Indian people, who say they are one and the same with the bison, are back caring for the land and its animals.”

Another example:

When I was getting my degree at Michigan State University I was focused on art and textiles of native, indigenous peoples, particularly in Africa and Japan. Industrialization has all but buried the arts and crafts of many ethnic groups. I have dreamed of their resurrection.

Several days ago I heard this recorded program on WEMU out of Eastern Michigan University. The show is Creative Impact with Deb Polich. This particular show was Discovering The Ancient Art And Craft of Oman Becomes a Lifetime Passion. 

It become a lifetime passion for Marcia Stegath Dorr, a UofM Grad and an example to us all.  A fire was lit when she saw the natives high level of art/craft being exploited by merchants buying them for a dime and selling them for $10.  The short version of Marchia’s journey first took her to the United Nations in 1990. Then to the Consultant to Omani-American Joint Commission, on up to developing an artisans’ marketing organization in Oman, onto the Advisor of Oman Ministry of Tourism: Dicertorate of Historical Sites Development, then in 2018 to the British Museum/Royal Ontario Museum/Oman National Museum Project. Most recently an producer in Paris, France as stepped forward to make a film to go with the museum’s presentation.

When you find your passion, hold onto it, follow it to its end. It will take to your ability to heal a wrong. The goodness and love in these two stories has me humbled out.

Let me know your thoughts.

National Wildlife, August-September Issue, p. 22-27. NWF.ORG/NW

Creative Impact, WEMU, David Fair and Deb Polich 07/27/21


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Your brain is involved in everything you do and everything you are, including how you think, how you feel, how you act, and how well you get along with other people. Your brain is the organ behind your intelligence, character, personality, and every single decision you make.

Because of these facts, I have realized I cannot ask someone to find their inner peace with so many brain challenges in the way. This is why I joined The Brain Revolution with Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Joseph McClendon. They are well known.

After a good chunk of money and even more valuable time spent, devoted to learning and with on-going tutorials four nights a week. I am now certified by these two doctors, to spread their research around the globe. My coaching sessions now include the value of their life’s work. A fortune lies inside my offerings, now forming a full circle.

This is not a new idea. Around the year 400BC, Hippocrates wrote, “And men ought to know that from the brain, and from the brain only, arise our pleasures, joy, laughter, and jests, as well as our sorrows, pains, despondency, and tears . . . I am of the opinion that the brain exercises the greatest power over man.”

It is your brain that manages your money and helps you succeed at work. And it is your brain that pushes you away from the table, telling you that you have had enough (or that gives you permission to have the third bowl of ice cream). Yes, most people never really think about their brains, which is a huge mistake, because success in anything you do starts with a healthy brain.

In Brain Fit for Work and Life I teach how to create a brain-smart life with

(8) very simple concepts.

  1. Fundamentals of Success: Start with the Brain
  2. Drive Change: By knowing How Your Brain Functions
  3. Balancing Work and Home: Four Circles of Brain Health
  4. Motivation, Creativity, and Innovation: How to Ignite them in the Brain and the Workplace
  5. Lead by Example: Planting Brain Healthy Habits at Work and Life
  6. Overcome Negativity: Kill the ANTs (automatic negative thoughts)
  7. Fuel High-Performance: Nutrition, Supplements, and Gut Health
  8. Protect Your Future: Brain Optimization for a Lifetime.

You can use these concepts to improve your life and the lives of the people you serve.


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Every Child Deserves to Be a Child

Today Malala Yousafzai is on the cover of Vogue Magazine speaking for the education of women in Pakistan. You may have heard of her as that girl who was shot in the face for wanting an education, seemingly a big threat to the system in her country.

She is the youngest person to be granted the Nobel Prize which she shares with Kailash Satyarthi, India’s lifelong social reformer who has many campaigns agains child labor in India. He advocates for the universal right to education.

He has many videos on YouTube, including his Nobel Prize acceptance speech. Some of the other videos must come with a warning. You will be shaken to your soul. Human trafficing is at an all time high! Why?

Those among us who are so lucky to have our children grow up without this threat can use our thoughts to help this cause. Where would we be without our education?

I have talked about the power of our thoughts. Since we are here in our non-threatened lives, we can ask our higher power to give more power to the work of this man. He has saved 87,000 children from slavery. His best friend was murdered in the process. It is them against the Mafia.

“The solution lies within the womb of the problem.” Kailash Satyarthi

I agree. He is now in my thoughts as an example of how powerful we are as human beings.


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Wild and Free

Who wouldn’t like to be wild and free, if just for a moment’s pleasure?

It is believed, the newest frontier is the freedom within our minds. Consciousness has been explored since we got free from being chased by wild animals, dating back to the Early Pleistocene, consistent with the emergence of Homo erectus, about 1.7 million years ago, according to many of scientific historians.

To be aware, you may have realized four states of consciousness – as awake, dream-filled sleepdeep sleep, and beyond deep sleep.

Reference: Philosopher Walter KaufmannThe Origins and History of Consciousness.

In 1949, Erich Neumann in The Origins and History of Consciousness did a good job of outlining the archetypal stages in the development of consciousness. He was a psychologist and philosopher.

If objective evidence of self-awareness can be taken as evidence for consciousness, then consciousness as it occurs in the primate with their more fully developed cortex may have evolved ~5 million years ago, at or around the time when great apes split off from the lesser apes.

We have had lots of time. I suspect we know more than we admit.

Selfawareness is defined as being aware of oneself, including one’s traits, feelings, and behaviors. Neuroscientists have believed that three brain regions are critical for selfawareness: the insular cortex, the anterior cingulate cortex, and the medial prefrontal cortex.

To become more selfaware, we should develop an understanding of ourselves in many areas, like your personality traits, your personal values, habits, emotions, and the psychological needs that drive your behaviors. Don’t worry, it’s not a homework assignment. You have all the time you need to become self-aware.

Scientists differ on the difference between consciousness and selfawareness, but here is one common explanation: 

Consciousness is awareness of one’s body and one’s environment.

Self-awareness is recognition of that consciousness—not only understanding that your consciousness exists, but further understanding that you are aware of your thoughts as well as your actions.

Why? Because there are benefits! Here are some bennies, but not all the bennies. There are ongoing ascending levels to being aware of your body and your environment.

  • Identifying your emotions​
  • The ability to have accurate self-perception​
  • Being proactive about your safety
  • Possessing strong self-confidence​
  • Possessing self-efficacy​​
  • Having better health
  • Recognizing your strengths and weaknesses 
  • Identifying what you need to do to complete a task
  • Recognizing errors in schoolwork and make edits or changes
  • Having the ability to understand and talk about feelings
  • Recognizing other people’s needs and feelings
  • Seeing how your behavior affects others
  • It prepares you for the “Real World”
  • Leadership roles
  • Social work
  • Counseling
  • Education
  • Nursing
  • Entrepreneurship

As long as you live, you can venture to become more and more self-aware.

It is all there is to do.

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Why Do You Need Connections?

A connection is a causal or logical relation or sequence, the connection between two ideas.

An emotional connection is a bond that holds partners together in a relationship. This ability is one of the most important strengths for human beings to have. Without a strong emotional connectionrelationships can easily drift apart. 

See link below: Donna Pisacano Brown

Human connection is an energy exchange between people who are paying attention to one another. It has the power to deepen the moment, inspire change and build trust.”

Do you doubt the importance of connection?

By neglecting our need to connectwe put our health at risk.

Connection to others can lower anxiety and depression, help us regulate our emotions, lead to higher self-esteem and empathy, and actually improve our immune systems. It is obvious, we all need to improve our immune systems with a pandemic.

Social isolation can lead to feelings of loneliness, fear of others, or negative self-esteem. Lack of consistent human contact can also cause conflict with the our friends. When isolated we may occasionally cause problems with family members.

The Cure for Loneliness

  • Improve your social skills. Some researchers argue that loneliness is primarily the result of a lack of the interpersonal skills required to create and maintain relationships. … I understand and I will post more about this in future posts.
  • Enhancing social support … asking for help. The truth is asking for help is a sign or strength.
  • Increasing opportunities for social interaction … reaching out. Even online, you can make heart warming connections.
  • Change negative thinking. … accentuate the positive.

Loneliness causes people to feel empty, alone, and unwanted. People who are lonely often crave human contact, but their state of mind makes it more difficult to form connections with other people. Imagine being a college freshman. You might feel lonely despite being surrounded by roommates and other peers. As children it was easier to forgive and forget and enjoy one another’s company.

Be aware! If you know someone who seems to spend a lot of time alone, it could be a sign that they are lonely. It can happen to anyone these days. One of your colleagues working from home and living alone is likely to feel lonely. They need someone else to initiate contact. Just to say, “Hello, how are you? Let me know your thoughts.” Or something else more natural for you; you know what I mean.

Why Talk to Yourself: How It Makes You Smarter! Besides, you will appear to be using your voice activated, hands-free device.

Talking to yourself helps you to clarify your thoughts. It will help to determine what’s important and firm up any decisions you’re contemplating. But only if you speak respectfully to yourself.

What happens to your body when you’re lonely? “When you’re experiencing loneliness, your levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, go up.

Cortisol can impair cognitive performance, compromise the immune system, and increase your risk for vascular problems, inflammation and heart disease.”

Before there is any real damage: Pick up your phone to call and speak with them. Use FaceTime, WhatsAp or Zoom. Say, hello, in there; straight into their hearts and minds. If you make it easy, it will be easy.

Donna Pisacano Brown, 2018. She knew this before COVID!,102632

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How nice it is to be here right now where we can finally talk out loud about feelings.

Once we stop the nagging voices in our heads, naughing away our sense of self-worth we find space to be with ourselves.

Are your next thoughts, kind? If they are unkind, this negativity can easily grow into a victim mindset – loss of hope, feelings of despair, and no sense of worth.

When we reach for worth outside of ourselves we inevitably face disappointment because all the good stuff is inside of us.

When I lived alone far from home out in California I imagined I had a BFF at my side, whenever I needed her. That worked so well that I took on another imaginary friend, this time a lover. I no longer felt alone.

Life is fluid even though it appears to be full of all things solid. Actually, science has proven that matter is made out of moving particles, we call atoms. These particles are moving and from my perspective they have a fluid movement to them.

I feel out-of-sync when I am out of this energy flow. The key to it is, to not try to be in the flow, but instead to move in the direction of your dreams day-by-day. Sooner or later the flow is felt. You’ll know it by how you feel.

I feel lighter, on the verge of laughing, a joy that no one need take away without my permission. I love it.

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Are You Free?

Imagine a frustrated person, . . .

Now imagine another person who is calm and content.

Think about which of those you’d like to be.

We are free when we have freedom to change.

We have freedom to change when we know the truth about what was modeled, in front of our senses, as little children; before starting school.

The good or bad feelings we felt as a little child, replay easily in our everyday lives. This is the colored lense with which we see the world. Our own particular take on it, our perspective.

I’ve spoken about having lived in California for six years during my 20s. It is the land of the weekend transformational seminar. I was able to stay close to myself to truly need only two of those seminars during those six years.

I couldn’t help being attracted to this title: “How To Create Your Own Reality.”

In a nutshell, the way to create your own reality can be illustrated as follows.

Imagine a dream you wish will come true. Everyday or several times a day, think of the details of your dream and continue to refine it. Say yes, in everyday reality, when you have a choice to say yes, to little elements of your dream. This can be very entertaining.

While you are refining your dream, keep a sharp eye on reality. Just observe it. Little by little (or right away) you will see your dream coming into fruition. As it gets more and more real, there will be a building of tension.

Most people give up, being very uncomfortable with the tension. This is what Paul Simon spoke of in his song, “Slip, Sliding Away.”

If you can ride it out, you will bridge the gap between your dream and reality.

Think of that tension as a taut rubber band between your two index fingers. One finger represents your dream, the other, represents reality. As the rubber band takes on more and more tension, it will in time break. At that point you will need to realize your reality is what you asked for in your dream. Your dream has become your reality.

As always, feel free to leave a comment below. I love to have conversations with my followers.

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When I have time to read, often I read three or more books on the same subject. It was the librarians at Henry Ford Centennial Library, where my Mom worked, who opened me to the value of research. Killing time until Mom got off of work, the librarians, her friends, would ask what my interest was today and suggest I relax looking out at the fountain. Magically, three very interesting books on one subject would be set by my side. Time then became irrelevant.

The three books I am presently reading are:

The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben

The Inner Life of Animals by Peter Wohlleben

The Spell of the Sensuous, David Abram

Like most people, I know from Disney’s The Lion King and Elton John’s song, we are all connected in a circle, a circle of life. If you are paying attention, like I am, you know there are threats to that circle coming from those who put profit ahead of ecosystems.

I am humbled to learn about the connections within our natural world, the balance, the dependencies that create a situation where life itself, survival, is a matter of adapt or die. This happens in Nature every hour of every day.

Most of you know I am all about living things; humans, plants, and animals down to the tiniest microscopic organisms. I reuse every plastic bag and still regret their existence.

I’m looking forward to the day when my husband helps to ban plastic from our lives.

Many friends have heard me say I wish we could have skipped the combustable engine and gone from horse-drawn carriages to hovercraft. I suppose hybrids are a start.

Living this long, I am grateful to see the environmental movement go mainstream, along with whole foods, and a higher consciousness about our carbon footprints. Lovely.

Author, Peter Wohlleben has lived close to Nature since childhood. Listening and observing the forest and its inhabitants. The country of Germany gave him a forest to manage. He observes it. He writes about his observations along with our human imprints as a reporter would report the unfolding of events. I learned what I didn’t know, I didn’t know. Now, as a result I am more open than before about what I don’t know.

Abram’s book, The Spell of the Sensuous, went pre-internet viral. It was so popular, high school and universities found multiple ways to use it. Beside his intention as a philosophical book, it found its way into psychology, natural sciences, media and communication, biodiversity and indigenous studies. This is a fine tool for finding our connection to earth.

I am both empowered and humbled, . . . glad to have had the time to read this summer.

I guess this is another silver-lining benefit of having to hide from the virus.

You could get a subscription to this blog at no charge and no obligation. Just click the button at the top of the page to get an email with a link to read my latest blog post.

Thank you.

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