A Love Affair with Fabric

I’m the one with the head-over-heals love affair with FABRIC. Coco Chanel was the one with her feet firmly planted in STYLE. Over my 38 years of dressmaking I saw people become better, more of their true self, with a custom-made garment of their choice. During wardrobe consultations they saved themselves tons of money zeroing in on their own particular style. Their budget for clothes got smaller while their stature (sense of self) got larger.

For a longer lasting wardrobe and one that is far more comfortable I advocate natural fibers, cotton, wool, silk and linen. With so many facts about each of these four fibers/fabrics. I will devote a blog to each one. First, C O T T O N.

I will report on wool, silk and linen another time, and soon.


Cotton goes everywhere –  athletic wear to evening wear.. The fiber is so versatile that it can be woven or knitted into a bunch of different fabrics like corduroy, chambray, lace and velour.

Cotton sheets allow your skin to breathe. Unlike synthetic sheets, it doesn’t trap heat under the covers.

Since cotton is breathable and doesn’t retain odors like oil-based fabrics. You’ll save money, water and energy, and help your clothes last even longer.

Cotton is low maintenance. Easier to wash and care for than other fabrics. Think of the money you’ll save on dry cleaning. A little touch up with an iron is an easy exchange.

You can buy too much stretch. The more spandex you add to a garment, the higher your chances of sagging, bagging and stretching out. Stay at or below 5% spandex for your garment to keep its shape.

Who wants to be sweaty? Cotton breathes better than oil-based synthetic fabrics like polyester, so it’s the perfect for working out. Moisture-wicking cotton is specially designed to keep you drier and cooler during exercise.

Cotten doesn’t stink, cling to your body or pill . . . looking old with little balls on the surface.

The industry is conscious of our future.

Over the last 35 years, the commitment of U.S. cotton producers, researchers, and industry organizations led to dramatic reductions in land use, soil loss, water use, energy use.

Among cotton growers there are several organizations with the common goal of better understanding, and measuring sustainability efforts to help reduce environmental impact.

To stay informed on issues related to cotton they are constantly updating reference materials, videos, animations and fact sheets. Learn more at: https://thefabricofourlives.com/our-programs

The Daily Prompt asked for blogs about Fabric.


“We have an intimate relationship with fabric starting minutes after we are born, wrapped in a receiving blanket. From then most of us never appear in public without fabric cut and sewn to enhance our shape and our lives.”

I do wardrobe consulting in person and online and write this blog – pashasalon.blog

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