Nothing To Do With Me

Pressure from other drivers






Time-wasting People


These have nothing to do with how you think. They don’t determine how you act.

Like all things that challenge us, they only have the significance you give them. They are dismissive whenever you choose, just like last year’s problems.

They grow on your fear.

They wither and die when you place your focus on something else. Turn away and affirm what you do want in that moment and the irritation is gone! As soon as you wish it so. You are the master, you have the power.

They may be part of bigger problems so many people are voicing now, and have been voicing for a long time; wanting to end the suffering. This is the humanitarian and political side of issues.

I speak of the personal YOU in this moment. The you who would prefer to relax, be free and loving. The you in your heart who wants to care.

This is inside work.

Get help if your irritation is big enough to feel out of your control. Help is everywhere, and in many forms. Be honest with yourself and with those you reach out to and the help will be there. Just remember: Nothing good is easy.

I’m not a therapist. Most people don’t need to be psycho-analyzed, certainly not by me.

They need connection, empathy, a sounding board, friendship.

My qualifications come from a lifetime of staying free by being aware of entrapments, like those listed above. I use may imagination in the moment to create the feeling I prefer to have soon after I feel pressured. Through use of my senses, at any moment, I can change whatever is happening by changing my thoughts, my perspective.

I practiced over time to get good at it and have it be as effective as picking up any hand tool. No one person taught this to me. I was pointed in a direction by my own intuition. As I walked an unconventional path, I let my awareness take-in increasingly more data. I used my imagination to stay free from stress and kept busy by using my creativity every day. Allowing these things to work for me got me the outcome I desired. Inside this bubble is happiness.

Yes, I deserve it. And you desire it. In the end, your relationship with yourself will be all that matters. While you are here realize happiness as your birthright.

About Ramona L. Mooney

Full Life Facilitator, Your personal power radiating outward from your heart to others for a stronger community and a fulfilled life. I show people how to connect with themselves through Imagination, Creativity, Awareness and their Intuition for a remarkable, legendary life, using everyday steps and tools.
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