Your Brain

Do you know what is pictured here? It is the key to your life, health and happiness and prosperity.

These are synapsis’ in you brain. What could you do without a healthy set of synapsis connections?

Nothing. You can not move your body, you could not digest your food properly to provide nutrition. You could not think clearly; calculate, compare, or articulate a point you want to make.

We are told that our brain diminishes with time. “Oh, you’re just getting old.” It doesn’t have to be that way. We are given the body we have for a specific purpose that is our own personal legend to leave after we are done with our body.

You are meant to have full use of your body and reach a natural death free from disease, occupational hazards, accidents and consequences that do you harm.

How do you know what will do you harm? By your stress level. By not giving your body daily strenuous exercise, plenty of water, the right nutrition, a positive attitude, fresh air and moments to be “still.”

You need all these things everyday.

My work is that of a research librarian who supplies a source (link) to the information you need next. Information, steps and tools to grow in stature. Ways to feel larger, to stand taller and make a larger impact. I have plenty of source material along with several teams of people who are doing on-going research about living a full life.

This is not ego-driven, pump up cheerleader motivation. It is what you need to go from where you are right now to where you, to-date, have not even imagined you could go. Everything is available to you. I can prove to you the ease at which you can ask and receive your heart’s desire.

See what is available at

There are plenty of links on my website pertaining to your physical brain health, supplements, nutrition, and many more forms of self-care.

Take the first baby step by accessing our email series, Being Moments. Simply ask for the series through

Being Moments are a marvelous way to stop the merry-go-round if even for a moment.

About Ramona L. Mooney

Full Life Facilitator, Your personal power radiating outward from your heart to others for a stronger community and a fulfilled life. I show people how to connect with themselves through Imagination, Creativity, Awareness and their Intuition for a remarkable, legendary life, using everyday steps and tools.
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