Distractions to Soul-centered, Heart-based Love

Distractions pull us away from our desired focus. We are on our way to a new era, an age of intuition. From my research, intuition is accessed when we are in-line with our authentic self. Meaning your soul stays with you in your body. Take some time to calm yourself to the extent that you feel your soul in your body. Hippies called it being centered.

Congrats. Since you are still with me I want to hint at what might be throwing you off center, only you can sense this for certain. Loud and aggressive people or advertisements, sympathy-sucking friends or relatives, unaddressed fatigue, dehydration, hunger; thinking inside the box (sticking with conventional thinking), a negative mindset over a curious mindset.

STOP. You have the right to stop anything that pulls on your centeredness and leaves you weaker. No need to say a word. Well, maybe a polite, “Excuse me,” then take two or more steps back, turn and calmly walk away. This is not selfish, it is self-preservation.

If you still feel it, use your imagination to conjure up an oversized pair of scissors, or a hatchet or simply untie the satin ribbon from that thing/person to you. Then, delight in this moment with your soul in your body. It is beyond fortifying, it is exalting.

Now, the focus of my blog post. Love is all inclusive, no qualifications. Females are biologically predisposed to bear children. Breasts are made to feed babies. Included with this is her ability to know the invisible world of love. Effeminate males also sense this atmosphere of love. Like everything, it’s a matter of degree, a percentage at any point in time, any moment. She can show her man the moon and the stars. This is a higher priority to anything else labeled as a success, monetary, ego-driven ladder climbing status, a main focus on herself without her soul.

Men do not know love as women know it. Again, there are many degrees, levels of awareness.

As women, we need to show them love. While we are pointing out the harmony of the universe to our partner, we are in that space with him. Boy, does that feel good.

BTW: Men have many highly valuable purposes. With his soul in his body, he could ask himself what is there to do or say in this moment, then the next moment . . . and act on the message, measure the response.

Your soul is always with you. Calm yourself and invite it home, inside your body.



About Ramona L. Mooney

Full Life Facilitator, Your personal power radiating outward from your heart to others for a stronger community and a fulfilled life. I show people how to connect with themselves through Imagination, Creativity, Awareness and their Intuition for a remarkable, legendary life, using everyday steps and tools.
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